One of our biggest focuses at TikTok is to amplify and elevate the voices of our creators while building an authentic, diverse and inclusive community. In June we celebrated National Indigenous History Month and reiterated our commitment to showcasing and celebrating Indigenous creators and stories through year-round programming, campaigns and long-term programs focused on supporting Indigenous creators. As an extension of those commitments, we're thrilled to announce the TikTok Accelerator for Indigenous Creators, presented by the National Screen Institute - a new, part-time online training program designed to empower up to 30 Indigenous content creators to grow their TikTok presence and learn the necessary skills for off-platform success.

"We're committed to supporting and uplifting Indigenous voices each and every day by providing a safe and inclusive platform for creators to tell their stories, launch their careers, and share their cultural heritage,'' said Lindsay Lynch, Creator Partnerships & Community Lead, TikTok Canada. "The National Screen Institute has a long history of supporting diverse storytellers through professional training and development. By coming together, we're hoping to amplify that work as part of TikTok's continued dedication to celebrating and elevating Indigenous creators and communities."

Through the accelerator, participants will learn the key elements of storytelling and essential building blocks for a successful digital career. The program was co-developed by the National Screen Institute and TikTok Canada with both traditional and spiritual elements in mind, and will provide guidance, customized skills-based education sessions, hands-on exercises and connections with professional industry experts and peers. Counsel and direction on the curriculum was provided by Indigenous content creator Sherry Mckay (@sherry.mckay), and filmmakers Justina Neepin (@justinaneepin) and Roger Boyer. Sherry Mckay and Justina Neepin will also both serve as program advisors, with Sarah Simpson-Yellowquill and Cheyenne Bruneau serving as program co-managers.


Today, we’re introducing the TikTok Accelerator for Indigenous Creators, presented by National Screen Institute. Link in bio for all details 💫

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Participants will learn how to maximize TikTok to grow their community, while sharing their unique stories in a safe and respectful online space. Taught by industry experts, TikTok creators and members of the TikTok Canada team, participants will learn essential storytelling techniques, create a robust marketing plan and develop a series of videos to set them on the path to success.

“Audiences in Canada and around the world need to hear and better understand the lived experiences of Indigenous storytellers now more than ever,” said National Screen Institute CEO Joy Loewen. “By partnering with TikTok Canada to deliver this accelerator program, we hope to empower Indigenous creators with today’s tools to tell their stories and reach global audiences.”

Training is part-time: two to three 90-minute online sessions per week spread over six weeks on topics such as:

  • Navigating TikTok (social presence, usage, audience engagement, trends, analytics and best practices)
  • Technical training (essential filmmaking techniques, content creation, lighting, editing and effects)
  • Media career building (personal branding, collaborations with brands and other creators, discovering your niche, goal setting and motivational coaching)
  • Social responsibility and digital wellness (community management, safety and handling negativity)

There is no fee to apply or to participate in the training program, and participants will receive a production kit to assist with the creation and delivery of their TikTok content. A jury of screen industry professionals and Indigenous TikTok creators will review all applications and select participants. To be eligible, applicants must currently be on TikTok and be active on the platform, with a minimum of four public posts in the last 30 days. All eligible Indigenous TikTok creators are welcome to apply, no matter their view count or number of followers. For full eligibility requirements, click here.