Earlier this year we announced the development of research APIs as part of our commitment to bring transparency to how our platform operates. We support independent research and have spent the last few months engaging researchers, academics and civil society on this topic to help inform what we're building.

Now, we're ready to make a beta version of our platform research API available. To get started, we've asked members of our Content and Safety Advisory Councils with expertise in misinformation, violent extremism, hateful behaviour and emerging technologies to test an early version of our platform research API. They'll have access to public data as we gather their feedback on usability and the overall experience. We're dedicated to hearing and incorporating feedback from testers and creating an API that will meet the needs of the scientific community while respecting the privacy of our community.

In addition to the platform research API, we're developing a content moderation API. We'll have more details to share in the coming months on broader availability and will update our Transparency Centre with information about our APIs for researchers and instructions on applying for access.