Earth Day is an important global moment where we stop to think about our planet, and more importantly, our impact on it. As the global platform for a generation driven to make an impact, the TikTok community is made up of environmentally conscious creators who are committed to restoring the planet and sharing content dedicated to sustainability, clean living and the environment.

Today, we’re announcing exclusive Earth Day TikTok LIVE programming featuring beloved TikTok creators and artists, along with a new partnership with social good media publisher ATTN: to create engaging content for the @TikTokforGood account, TikTok's global social impact content hub. We'll also look into the trends, niche communities, and hashtags that encourage us to reduce, reuse and recycle together.

Earth to TikTok!: Celebrating with our Community LIVE

As we honor Earth Day, tune in 8:00 a.m. PST (11:00 p.m GMT+8) for special Earth Day LIVE streams across TikTok on 23 April. Check the Discover page for the latest schedule, but don't miss out on an Earth Day conversation between Grammy-nominated artist Shawn Mendes and some special guests LIVE from space at 8 a.m. PDT / 11:00 a.m. EDT (11:00 p.m GMT+8) on 23 April on his official account (@shawnmendes).

Also catch TikTok creator @thegarbagequeen as she hosts Earth to TikTok!, a talk about all things sustainability with members of the @eco_tok collective and special guests Jaden Smith (@jaden) and Bill Nye (@billnye), at 4 p.m. PST (7 a.m. GMT+8) on April 24th on @TikTokforGood!

Partnering with ATTN: to Create Content that Matters to our Community

Earth to TikTok! is among the featured initiatives of our year-long partnership with ATTN:. With a shared interest in creating engaging content that inspires, entertains and informs communities all over the world, this partnership gives ATTN: the keys to the official @TikTokforGood account, TikTok's global social impact content hub, to create videos about societal topics and issues that are important to the TikTok community.

Throughout this year, the media company will manage the account's editorial programming, video production, and TikTok LIVE streams. Content powered by ATTN: aims to promote learning and awareness across a wide range of topics the TikTok community cares about - from environmentalism to animal welfare to heartwarming humanity - and will be made possible in partnership with various organizations as well as feature some of the biggest names in culture and entertainment.

Follow @TikTokforGood on TikTok for more inspiring and informative videos, powered by ATTN:.

Championing the Environment and Sustainability through Creativity

As a global platform for a generation driven to make an impact, TikTok has emerged as a destination for content creation and conversations focused on environment protection and sustainability, with this category garnering almost 200 million video views a month all over the world. Here are some of the major environmental causes that the TikTok community have supported over the past year.

Thrifting and Reselling

It’s no secret the TikTok fashion community is passionate about sustainable clothing and shopping responsibly. After all, #Thrifting has garnered over 90K videos and #Reselling has amassed over 15K videos. The #thriftok community has sustainable fashion hacks on how to find deals while thrifting, ways you can upcycle your closet, and how to DIY with thrift items. Want more inspo? Check out environmentally friendly creators Nicole McLaughlin (@upcycle), Taylor Bright (@sustinablecherub), Marie Marquet (@minimeparis), Sophie (@_born_on_a_sunday) and Salmar @nosoyfast who inspire their followers on how to upcycle clothing and offer tips on sustainable shopping.

Sustainable Living and Food

When it comes to eating consciously and creating a more sustainable lifestyle, the TikTok community is full of creators eager to share how they positively impact the environment with their good-for-the-planet lifestyle habits. For example, TikTok Trailblazer, Alexis Nikole, has a passion for sharing her environmentally-friendly food and life practices through her comedic and light-hearted content, while environmentalist Matthew Shribman encourages us to create a more livable future through educational content. This Earth Day, be sure to check out trending hashtags like #SustainableFood, #SustainableLiving, #FoodWaste, and #Foraging for all your going green needs.

Environmental Advocacy

The TikTok community is full of environmentalists who make it their mission to fight for positive change — especially when it comes to issues such as climate change, deforestation, the protection of wildlife, and the preservation of our oceans. Creators like @climatediva, @earthstewardess and @nachhaltigerleben use TikTok to educate their followers on why renewable energy is important, what's happening to our oceans, and solutions people can implement in their lives to make a positive impact. No matter how big or small the issue, TikTok is committed to creating and inspiring positive change to protect our planet on Earth Day and every day of the year.

Join us as we celebrate #EarthDay with the Tiktok community, as we continue to unlock creativity to support environmental causes we truly care about.