• Collaborated with the recently released Bollywood movie Bala to promote creative-expression
  • The campaign won Gold under 'Most Admired Campaign on Social Media Platform' for The Bala Effect - Bala Takes Over TikTok at  the SEAC Singapore Customer Engagement Awards

  • India, 28 November 2019: TikTok, world’s leading destination for short-format video content is playing a significant role in bringing communities of all generations together and promoting social values amongst them through its rich and diverse content. Aligned with this mission and to encourage users to use the platform for creative expression and bring positivity, TikTok also collaborated with the recently released Bollywood movie Bala, a film about accepting yourself despite your flaws. 

    Since its inception, the platform has not only encouraged the communities to showcase their unique skills and talent but has also been pivotal in creating an environment of acceptance and encouragement for people from diverse backgrounds to express and exchange their emotions freely. For instance, it has witnessed increasing engagement for hashtags such as #love (close to 115 billion views), #support (close to 6 billion views), #care (close to 480 million views) and #innerbeauty  (close to 20 million views) that showcases TikTok’s inclusiveness as a platform that encourages its users to uplift the emotional sentiment in the society and inspires them to embrace their flaws, thereby building a community that does the same.

    Yami Gautam, leading Bollywood actress said, “My character in the movie Bala is that of a TikTok star, and while preparing for the role, I explored the platform to see how people create content to showcase their creativity and skills. It’s amazing to see how the platform manifolds talents from various sections of society and encourages users who are breaking the stereotypes of conventional beauty and are proud of it.”

    These promotions of the film were undertaken through an in-app engagement campaign #DontBeShyAgain and a ‘first-of-its-kind filter’ for the users to create interesting content. The campaign received a phenomenal response from the users, clocking more than 550 million views on the platform and saw users spreading this beautiful message through their creative TikTok videos. TikTok has consistently advocated the freedom of creative expression amongst its 200 million user community. The campaign also won Gold under 'Most Admired Campaign on Social Media Platform' for The Bala Effect - Bala Takes Over TikTok at  the SEAC Singapore Customer Engagement Awards.

    (Left to Right- Popular Creators showcasing their talent: Geet, Akshay Kakkar and Sumit Jain)

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