~The campaign launched on TikTok on January 1 and has more than 575 million video views till date~

Goonj, one of India’s trusted award-winning voluntary organizations and short video platform TikTok have come together to launch an in-app winter contribution challenge called #SpreadTheWarmth. Goonj has been highlighting the issues faced by the less fortunate who don’t have adequate winter clothes and therefore, has joined forces with TikTok, to raise awareness among people to contribute their new/old but usable woolens during one of the coldest winters in India in decades.

The #SpreadTheWarmth campaign that went live on January 01, 2020, encourages TikTok users to create videos while making contributions within their communities and helping the less fortunate to tackle a severe winter season. Since its launch on TikTok, the hashtag has garnered over 575 million video views and many new community initiatives have come up to showcase the spirit of giving. 

During the month of January 2019 alone, winter claimed 103 lives in Delhi and in January 2020 the state has already recorded the lowest temperature in 119 years. This initiative is a great way of encouraging the youth and the community at large to come together for a common cause. It also highlights the effectiveness of the popular video sharing app TikTok to create a positive change in the community.

To amplify the campaign message, Goonj has also been posting videos about tips for ‘responsible and respectful’ contribution, from their TikTok account. Volunteers of Goonj are sharing important information about things to keep in mind while making contributions, education about precautions during winter, etc. The #SpreadTheWarmth page on TikTok also directs users to Goonj's dropping centres across various cities in India where they can send their contributions.

Anshu Gupta, Founder of Goonj, believes that the campaign is a unique approach to sensitise people about the realities of harsh winter for a large number of children, women and young families in India. Commenting on the campaign, Anshu said, “For many years now, Goonj has been highlighting winters as an annual disaster for people who don’t have enough clothes and how the death and suffering due to cold is entirely preventable with the contribution of the many woolens and clothes lying unused in urban homes. TikTok is a medium of the masses, especially the youth.That’s why this campaign makes a lot of sense as it reaches out to each one of us and encourages us to do our bit.”

  https://bit.ly/36xfOBn            https://bit.ly/36xfOBn          https://bit.ly/36xfOBn

TikTok India spokesperson added, “In the recent past, several social welfare organizations have been successful in spreading their message about causes they advocate by effectively leveraging TikTok's strong user base and reach. We are pleased that Goonj chose TikTok as a medium for the #SpreadTheWarmth campaign that aims to bring warmth and comfort in the lives of the less fortunate. We remain committed towards India and we will continue to emerge as a positive platform inspiring change.”

Check out the #SpreadTheWarmth campaign on TikTok and share your videos contributing and helping save lives. Download TikTok on iOS and Google Play. For more updates, follow TikTok India on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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