Over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for youth mental health, but more than ever, we have seen young people going online to share their experiences and support themselves and one another.

At TikTok, we make it our mission to protect and empower young people so they can thrive on our platform in a safe and meaningful way. We do this through offering in-app wellbeing resources and controls, and through partnerships with expert organisations.

Today, we are honoured to be partnering with spunout to support their event for World Mental Health Day, to continue the important work they do in providing Ireland's young people with essential mental health resources.

On Friday 8th October 2021, ahead of World Mental Health Day, Alexandra Evans, Head of Safety Public Policy, Europe at TikTok, will address the virtual event, the aim of which is to highlight the importance of World Mental Health Day, particularly for young people in communities around Ireland.

Representatives from spunout's Youth Action Panel will also discuss the impact of Mental Health Literacy, and how young people can gain a deeper understanding of what mental health is and the wide range of factors that can affect it.

Alexandra Evans, Head of Safety Public Policy, Europe at TikTok said:

“At TikTok, our goal is to inspire creativity and bring joy to the millions of people who use our platform every day. We make it our mission to protect and empower young people so they can thrive on TikTok in a safe and meaningful way.

"We do this by offering a range of well-being resources and controls and through important partnerships with youth-oriented organisations like spunout. We are delighted to be supporting spunout as they celebrate World Mental Health Day by driving awareness and educating young people about mental health issues.”

Ahead of the fundraising event, spunout Director Kiki Martire said: “The Covid-19 pandemic challenged our ability to fundraise and as our major annual fundraising initiative, the 2021 World Mental Health Day event is more important to spunout than ever. As Ireland’s award winning youth mental health and information website, we work toward a vision of Ireland where young people have the information they need to live their best lives.

“Through our campaigns on Covid-19 vaccinations, changes to financial resources including PUP and mental health support and signposts, spunout has been a trusted resource to young people who have visited spunout.ie over 1.4 million times and 800,000 young people who have engaged with our social media campaigns. We are delighted to have such strong support from TikTok as primary sponsors of spunout’s World Mental Health Day event.”