Now more than ever, our community are turning to TikTok to share and discover helpful tips and life-hacks; whether you're looking for #diyonabudget or tasty #budgetmeals, our community has a solution for you.

To spotlight some of the most useful lifestyle hacks on TikTok, we've launched a dedicated #SavingMoney Hub. It houses all the best tips and advice in one place, featuring top videos and creators who are sharing advice on #budgeting and so much more.

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Meet the Creators ...

It's amazing to see our Irish community getting involved with sharing budgeting tips and money-saving hacks. Some of our favourites include:

🧾 Caz Mooney (@irishbudgeting)

Caz has garnered a loyal following on her TikTok account with over 42k followers for her videos on how to create meals for 5 people for €5. Caz first took to TikTok to document how her family was budgeting on a single income. Caz recently launched a book titled ‘Caz Mooney’s Irish Budgeting Planner’ which is due to be released in April 2023. She was also featured amongst Ireland’s top creators in the ‘Year on TikTok 2022’ list.

@irishbudgeting Here we go again feeding 5 people for €5! This week we are doing easy pizza! All fresh ingredients from @aldi_ireland I have gone for a pepperoni and mozzarella topping, but I have done this so often with leftovers or made vegetarian. You will have loads of flour and yogurt to make more another day too! #feeding5peoplefor5euro #5euro #frugalmeal #mealsforless #whatsfordinner #pizza #easymeal #easymealidea #quickmeal #fakeaway #dinnerforless #irishbudgeting #familymeal #budgetdinner #dinner ♬ original sound - irishbudgeting

💰Sarah Adekola (@millennialwealthsarah)

Born in Nigeria but raised in Ireland, Sarah is commonly known on TikTok as Millennial Wealth Sarah. Sarah Adkola is a 28-year-old engineer, Finfluencer, and UGC creator. She shares content with her following of over 178K on personal finance, sharing tips on how to make, save, and invest money to build wealth.

💲Paul Merriman (@askpaul)

Paul Merriman is a Certified Financial Planner and the CEO of Fairstone Ireland and the founder of askpaul. On TikTok, Paul shares his straight-talking, no-nonsense approach to money and business gained from his 20+ years in business.

👗Sarah Magliocco (@gothierthanthou)

Fashion and lifestyle journalist Sarah, is popular on TikTok for sharing her second-hand clothing buys and charity shops. Her TikTok showcases the best thrifting shops in Ireland and across Europe. If you’re searching for content on where to buy second-hand clothes on a budget, Sarah’s TikTok is for you.