At TikTok, we pride ourselves in being a space that brings joy and inspires creativity amongst our community, and Jade Foley has been doing that for her followers since she first started using the platform just over one year ago.

The Cork native posted her first video on the platform in December 2019, and ever since she has racked up over 48,000 followers and 1.5 million likes as she continually impresses people with her creative, fun and downright glamorous makeup looks.

Drawing inspiration from music or even accessories, @makeupbyjade_1 started using #muadiaries to talk about her work and art, and she often brings people through the steps and process behind the various looks she creates.

A big supporter of fellow content creators, Jade has also been using her platform recently to support small local businesses by featuring them in her ‘Putting ye on Irish brands’ series.

We caught up with Jade to find out who and what inspires her on TikTok…

What do you love most about TikTok?

What I love most about TikTok is how accessible content making is to you and the ability to get creative without having the leave the app. As someone who always wanted to make video content I found other applications a bit complicated and overly long with trying to make videos so Tiktok is honestly perfect for that!

Why is TikTok right for your content?

Tiktok is right for my content because as TikTok is an app with many trends it is so fun to hop on to many different ones for beauty and I even managed to start my own called #muadiaries where I do a “Dear Diary” type video journal documenting my makeup process as I go along being completely honest about my thoughts from start to finish.

What is your favourite effect?

My favourite effect would be the Misted or Illusion effect as when you use them for a transition in a specific way it just takes the video to a different level that I personally love !

What is your goal on TikTok?

My goal on TikTok is basically to build my name as a makeup artist and constantly grow my skill with makeup and content making. Down the line I would love to be a big content creator because I have so many different ideas and would love to share and enjoy them with people !

What is on your TikTok feed?

I follow a lot of Irish makeup artists at the moment such as @emersfx and @doeshelooklikeapeach - The two of them truly and honestly inspire me so much when it comes to makeup content, being two of the first accounts I even followed when I made my TikTok account. It’s amazing to see Irish content creators do well especially in the makeup industry!

What’s your favourite TikTok that you've made to date?

My favourite TikTok video I have made to date would actually be my most recent video I made. The makeup look is possibly one of my favourites so far because it’s so colourful but unique and it’s a completely original look as well as the video idea itself. I love my Dear Diary videos but I just think this one is definitely my favourite right now!


Ye CANNOTTTT let this flop !!! 😂 this is legit one of my favourite videos/looks EVER ( ib: ME! ) ##makeup ##goviral ##trending ##foryou ##beauty ##irishmua

♬ Everyday - A$AP Rocky

What kick started your passion for makeup?

What kick started my passion for makeup would be my love for art when I was younger. I started drawing at the age of 3 and ever since then I’ve always been attracted to bright colours and taking a concept and doing my own take on it. When I learned about being able to do art on my face I truly began to love makeup after getting bored of the normal everyday makeup and then Tiktok made me love makeup even more seeing so many different creators putting their own style on trends and looks which really inspires me to push myself with my capabilities!