During this year's celebration of St. Patrick's Day across Ireland, TikTok is illuminating and uplifting creative communities across Ireland, as part of a partnership with the St. Patrick's Festival. At TikTok we believe that community organisations play an essential role in bringing people together while also inspiring innovation, supporting diversity, and fostering inclusion in their communities.

TikTok and St. Patrick's Festival collaborated in September to develop the St. Patrick's Festival x TikTok Creative Fund. A €100,000 fund was distributed throughout Irish community organisations and groups who engage with, empower, and elevate their communities via arts, culture, and creativity as part of this innovative effort.

As part of our support of the #StPatricksDay festivities in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Festival x TikTok Creative Fund provided funding to 10 community organisations who were chosen for their outstanding work in using artistic and cultural interventions as a tool to connect, enhance and inspire their local communities. Content from those 10 creators will be published by St. Patrick's Festival on their TikTok page.

Join the conversation and celebrate Irish culture with TikTok using the hashtag #StPatricksDay and discover bespoke playlists via our Sounds page.

The following are the recipients of the €10,000 grants:

  1. Kabin Studio, a Cork-based inclusive community centre, used the funds to collaborate with young people to create a series of podcasts and music for International Women's Day and St. Patrick's Day in 2022.

  1. The Butler Gallery in Kilkenny is an art gallery and museum that will host River Nore research programs.

  1. Freshly Ground Theatre, based in Dublin, is a group of theatre makers that will use audio-guided walks and an art installation in Tallaght to recount the narrative of Tír na nÓg with the residents of Glenasmole.

  1. Purple House Cancer Support, Wicklow, is a community-based cancer support center that will offer one-on-one Art Treatment sessions for children as well as adult art and craft cancer therapy workshops.

@stpatricksfestival #SPFxTikTok Creative Fund: Purple House Cancer Support, Co. Wicklow @purplehousecancersupport #StPatricksDay #SPF22 #StPatricksFestival #irish #irishtiktok ♬ original sound - St. Patrick's Festival
  1. Creative Edenderry, Offaly, a community project aimed at growing and promoting creative activity, and Creative Lives, a non-profit organisation that advocates community and volunteer-led creative activity.

  1. Carlingford Lough Heritage Trust in Louth will organise a new cultural event in Carlingford that will bring people of all ages and backgrounds together while boosting awareness of the town's historic Tholsel structure.

@stpatricksfestival #SPFxTikTok Creative Fund: Carlingford Lough Heritage Centre, Co. Louth @carlingfordheritage #StPatricksDay #SPF22 #StPatricksFestival #Irish #irishtiktok ♬ original sound - St. Patrick's Festival
  1. An Halla Mór An Clochán Liath CLG, Donegal, is a non-profit community organisation in Donegal's Gaeltacht area that plans to repair and remodel their local community hall into an arts and cultural facility.

  1. Fatima Groups United, Dublin, will establish a multi-disciplinary, intergenerational initiative that promotes cultural variety in the area in collaboration with the local communities of Fatima and Rialto.

  1. The "Autism & The Arts" project by Cavan Autism Education and Training Centre (CAETC), a newly created autism organisation.

@stpatricksfestival #SPFxTikTok Creative Fund: Cavan Autism Education and Training Centre @cavanautismeducation #StPatricksDay #SPF22 #StPatricksFestival #irish #irishtiktok ♬ original sound - St. Patrick's Festival

  1. Dublin's Discovery Gospel Choir's 'pop up' community choir.

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