TikTok is where culture, entertainment and music collide, making TikTok the ultimate platform for music discovery and promotion. Every day on TikTok, our community of millions of passionate music fans discover their new favourite musician, rediscover old hits and support up-and-coming artists to break through and reach the top of the charts. We’re committed to supporting up-and-coming talent to help them break through the noise to reach their dreams. That's why we are so excited to officially announce our next program aimed at raising the volume of the voices of emerging artists:

TikTok Elevate: TikTok’s first-ever program to identify, amplify and celebrate emerging artists.

And, as a part of today’s news ... Drumroll, please!

We are thrilled to introduce to the world Elevate’s first class of all-star rising artists from across the globe: CHINCHILLA, Sam Barber, Omar Courtz, Isabel La Rosa, Kaliii and Lu Kala.

Get to know Elevate’s first class and your next favourite artist

  • CHINCHILLA | @chinchilla_music: Unapologetic in embracing her individuality and mega talent, Chinchilla is rewriting the rules of the music industry following the independent release of her single Little Girl Gone. Chinchilla made history as the first female soloist to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart, with Little Girl Gone reaching over 1B views and over 850k videos on TikTok.
  • Sam Barber | @sambarber_music: Raised on a farm in a small town in Southeast Missouri, Sam's passion for music began at an early age after picking up his great grandfather's five-Gibson. With 782k followers on TikTok, Sam is set out to share with the world the types of songs that people can feel in their souls.
  • Omar Courtz | @omarcourtz: An artist from Puerto Rico, with over 86k followers on TikTok, Omar Courtz continues to make a splash in the music industry including collabs with icons like Daddy Yankee, Yandel and Tainy as well as preparing for new upcoming releases.
  • Isabel LaRosa | @official_isabellarosa: Inspired by the musical influences around her, LaRosa began songwriting with her brother Thomas in elementary school and from there, the creative duo was formed. LaRosa’s sound mixes different styles of pop music, from bedroom electric-pop to hyper-pop to indie-pop and more.
  • Kaliii | @kaliyaashley: Kaliii had a landmark 2022 following the release of her highly acclaimed EP Toxic Chocolate. Known for her thrilling freestyle and cypher performances, she is continuing to make a name for herself including dropping recent RIAA-certified gold single Area Codes and several peer-assisted regional remixes.
  • Lu Kala | @igobylu: A gift for creating striking pop tracks, the fiery-voiced songstress and Torontonian is redefining what a pop star sounds and looks like. LU KALA’s Pretty Girl Era is trending with over 226K videos on TikTok.
  • TikTok Elevate Amplifies Rising Artists

    “Elevate speaks to the heart of TikTok and our commitment to honour and empower the diverse talent on the platform. As the destination for music discovery, we are so excited to provide artists with meaningful support on and off TikTok to help them find long-term success in the music industry.” – Rachel Dunham, North America Artist Partnerships Lead at TikTok

    Through Elevate, TikTok will identify the next wave of emerging stars poised to break out in the music industry, providing them with meaningful support both in-app and out in the world to build careers beyond a single trending hit. Elevate truly showcases the remarkable, diverse, and global musical talent found on TikTok - celebrating each artists' unique story and sound.

    We know TikTok fans are the spirit that helps enable artists to break through in the music world and that the platform is the best place for artists to engage with fans on a global scale. That's why, as a part of Elevate, we're bringing unique artist experiences to fans including exclusive performances at significant locations in their hometown that inspired their music. Through Elevate, the artists will share new content and updates on upcoming music releases, plus an intimate look at the evolution of their music careers on TikTok and through our @musicontiktok social handles.

    Elevate artists will perform around the world in their hometowns, including Canada, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, Puerto Rico and the UK.

    Elevate kicks off today with the inaugural program running through October. As we continue to identify and support artists at all points of their journey, we are excited to release more details on upcoming Elevate cohorts in the coming months. Make sure to follow all of the Elevate artists on TikTok and visit the #TikTokElevate hub!

    New to TikTok and want to explore the TikTok Elevate? Getting involved couldn’t be easier, simply download the app for free via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon.