We know that advertisers care deeply about brand safety and want to have control over where their ads are being delivered, and ensuring that brands feel confident in the environment in which their content appears is of huge importance to us. TikTok is committed to providing our community with a safe environment, and we are constantly evolving our platform, policies and robust portfolio of offerings to empower advertisers to tell their story while reaching audiences safely and securely.

We're delighted today to share a significant milestone in our brand safety evolution with the expansion of our partnership with OpenSlate, a trusted provider of brand safety providing third party independent measures to ensure a positive and safe environment for our partners advertising on TikTok in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Previously only available in the US, the TikTok brand safety solution, verified by OpenSlate, ensures ads are delivered in a brand-safe environment by applying OpenSlate ratings pre-campaign and then sharing video-level reporting to confirm the outcome. This partnership provides advertisers with the greatest degree of transparency and the confidence of working with a third-party lens.

"What appeals most to advertisers about TikTok is that it is a creative, authentic, and joyful platform with a highly engaged community where brands are an important part of the experience. We want our partners to be their authentic selves on the platform and that means they need to trust where their videos are seen," said joshua Bloom, GM of GBS, TikTok Canada. "We are deeply committed to growing the ecosystem so that our partners have the tools and resources they need to understand and feel fully confident in our platform's protections. Through this partnership, advertisers can feel confident that their ads are served alongside brand-safe content."

“OpenSlate is delighted to expand our TikTok coverage to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom,” said Mike Henry, CEO of OpenSlate. “Our independent ratings are built to provide local and global marketers with confidence in the brand safety of the TikTok environment."

Brand safety for us begins with user safety. We believe that keeping advertisers safe starts with keeping our community safe to authentically express themselves. Our work here will never stop, as we strive to create the most transparent and accountable company in the industry, building trust with our community and partners and to hold ourselves accountable.