At TikTok, we want our community to feel empowered to express themselves authentically and feel safe speaking frankly about different life experiences or challenges. Mental Health Awareness Month is observed each May in Canada and this year we're focused on helping people find community and share their stories, hear from experts, and connect to a range of well-being resources and information. Throughout the month, we'll have a range of TikTok LIVE programming, music playlists, and community spotlights featuring creators and organizations who help raise awareness and de-stigmatize mental health conversations.

Encouraging supportive conversations

Fostering a welcoming, inclusive environment is at the heart of everything we do. Hashtags are an easy way for people to find community. Whether you're someone who has a story to share or you're looking for your community, there are several ways to connect through hashtags, including:

  • #MentalHealthAwareness - Explore our banner hashtag to find content around mental health, personal stories, and how to be there for loved ones who may need help.
  • #SelfCare - Here you'll find soothing videos as well as tips and tricks people use to relax and prioritize well-being.
  • #LetsTalkMentalHealth - Through this hashtag people are sharing personal stories about mental health to help others who might be going through similar experiences.

Spotlighting groundbreaking creators

We celebrate the people who are able to be candid about their path to better mental health. From open discussions around depression and anxiety to tips on managing body image and self-esteem issues—these creators are doing the important work of opening up channels of communication about such a necessary topic. Today, we're recognizing some of the creators who help drive authentic and empathetic conversations:

  • @nadiaaddesi - Nadia Addesi is a licensed therapist and social worker whose main passion is spreading awareness about mental health. Covering everything from trauma and setting boundaries to being an ally to loved ones in moments of crisis, Addesi's content showcases her ability to be genuinely empathetic with her following (and the For You feed) while providing valuable information intended to create positivity and normalize conversations about mental health.
  • @mollycarlson - Molly Carlson is a Team Canada High Diver/Red Bull Cliff Diver who travels around the world performing brave acts of talent. She's created her own hashtag and community with over 2.7M followers called the #BraveGang, who share their own brave stories and celebrate each other.
  • @iamhear_official - Anthony Caputo is the founder of "I Am Hear." The iamhear movement is dedicated to creating programs designed to change people's lives.
  • @diaryofanhonestmom - Libby is an "imperfect mom." Being a mom is hard and she wants you to know that it's normal to feel that way. She is all about talking about the hard things and being vulnerable to break patterns of shame, and connect women to one another and themselves in meaningful ways.

Partnering for greater impact

Though each person's mental health experience is unique and personal, we know that achieving a world where everyone can discuss their mental well-being and receive the care they need will require everyone to act. We believe that we're stronger together, and we're grateful to the organizations who share their expertise on TikTok. This month we're spotlighting several organizations that are working to build a more inclusive future:

  • Kids Help Phone (@kidshelpphone): Canada’s only 24/7 mental health service offering free, confidential support to young people.
  • Made of Millions (@madeofmillions): A global advocacy nonprofit on a mission to change how the world perceives mental health.
  • We Matter Org (@wematterorg): An Indigenous youth-led organization dedicated to Indigenous youth support, hope and life promotion.
  • Black Health Alliance (@blackhealthcan): A community-led charity working to improve the health and well-being of Black communities in Canada.
  • Tel-Jeunes (@teljeunes): Equipping young people throughout Quebec with the tools they need to get better control over their lives.
  • Asian Mental Health Collective (@asianmhc): Aspiring to make mental health easily available, approachable, and accessible to Asian communities worldwide.
  • LGBTQ+ Youth Line (@lgbtyouthline): Confidential and non-judgemental peer support through telephone, text and chat services.
  • National Eating Disorder Information Centre (@thenedic): Provides information, resources, referrals and support to Canadians affected by eating disorders.

Programming for change

Music and sound has the power to bring people together, to help them relax, or even to get through difficult times. In this spirit, we invite everyone to tune into our special LIVE programming events happening throughout the month, including:

  • A LIVE discussion on how to set boundaries with your parents, led by psychotherapist Dr. Courtney Tracy ( and hosted by @cosmopolitan on May 10th at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.
  • A broadcast of the 4th Annual Sound Mind Live (@soundmindlive) Music Festival for Mental Health on May 21st at 4pm ET / 1pm PT. The concert will feature performances by KAMAUU (@kamauuworld), Wrabel (@wrabelofficial), Allison Russell (@allisonrussell), The Cold War Kids, Big Boi (@bigboi), and American Authors (@theamericanauthors)—with proceeds supporting free mental health programs offered by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
  • A LIVE musical performance by @yungblud, followed by a mental heath discussion with the artist on May 23rd at 5pm ET / 2 pm PT. Proceeds from the performance will go towards supporting @crisistextline's critical work to aid people going through difficult times.

Supporting well-being

We build well-being into our policies to support our community members and partner with experts to develop resources to connect our community to information, such as our Well-Being Guide, which contains tips for those who want to mindfully share their journeys, and Eating Disorder Guide, to help people struggling with eating or body image concerns.

We believe that people should be able to explore safely, which is why we redirect searches and block harmful hashtags. For instance, when people search #eatingdisorders or #suicide within the app, they'll find support resources, such as helplines and information on how they can find help. Additionally, we offer features that help people decide which amount of screen time is best for them, tailor their feeds to avoid potentially triggering content, and filters to help them manage their comments.

Mental Health Awareness Month shows just how far conversations about well-being have come on TikTok. We're proud to be a place where people can share their stories, break down stigma, and find community. We know that mental health is a complex area, and we aim to navigate it with help from experts, nuance, and most of all, kindness.