From the unforgettable "Oh No" to the catchy "Jiggle Jiggle," 88% of TikTok users said sound is essential to the TikTok experience. Inspired by the diverse array of music and sounds discovered and created on our platform, we collaborated with international creative music agency MassiveMusic, a company by Songtradr, to develop a unique sonic identity that embodies the sound of our global community and creative democracy at its core.

Creating the sound of TikTok

At TikTok, we're constantly looking for ways to enhance the experience of our global community and this includes harnessing the power of sound. As over 1 billion people around the world continue to turn to TikTok to be inspired, entertained and connect with one another, we wanted our sonic identity to reflect a similar experience. That's why we created a simple two-beat onomatopoeic sonic logo with a melodic twist which evokes inspiration, authenticity and a sense of belonging.

Let's break down the sonic logo's roots:

  • Creativity: A sound that fuels creativity at every step of creation and celebrates TikTok's musical heritage. With a sub-bass sound nodding to music popularized on the platform and a distinctive ascending melody, the sonic logo has been designed to entertain our community and encourage a diverse array of content and remixes.
  • Community: A sound that transcends generations, reinforcing TikTok's position as an inclusive and safe space. It's a sound that celebrates authenticity and isn't restricted by genre or culture.
  • Entertainment: A unique and joyous sound that represents TikTok as a place where entertainment, creativity and discovery knows no bounds.

The TikTok sonic identity embodies the sound of our global community. 🎵 Discover how it came to life, in collaboration with Massive Music (a company by Songtradr). 🔗 in bio 👀

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A recent global study conducted by Kantar shows that the sound of TikTok has helped reinforce brand awareness and affinity among our community, performing higher than average industry benchmarks. 73% of the respondents associated TikTok's sonic logo with positive emotions, with "unique", "entertaining" and "welcoming" being the strongest emotional associations, while 52% of participants, made up of both TikTok users and non-users, already recognize TikTok's sonic logo.

Celebrating and inspiring our community with our unique sound

Our sonic identity has been celebrating and inspiring our community, as it continues to be heard on TikTok and beyond. The sonic identity track and sonic stickers are available in-app, giving creators an opportunity to experiment with TikTok's sonic identity and make it their own, similar to how they use music and filters to bring their stories to life on our platform.

At TikTok, we are always looking for unique ways to empower creative expression and authentic connection. We can't wait to see the many unique ways our sonic identity will inspire and bring our global community closer together.

*The SoundOut Audio Branding Index 2023 analyzed responses from over 30,000 consumers to rank each on appeal, recall, propensity to buy, recognition, attribution, 200+ brand attributes, archetypes and BrandMatch, among over 130 sonic logos from major brands across the US.