As a platform for creativity, we've always strived to support the unique voices of our creators, encourage open expression, and nurture the creative spirit of our vibrant and diverse community. We've also focused on efforts that contribute to the well-being of our community and drive positive impact – from our global COVID-19 in-app information center to local Turkey initiatives like Breast Cancer Awareness month #pembekurdele and the Sustainable Development Goals Run #DeğişimİçinHareketeGeç.

Safety and well-being are top priorities for us as a platform, and we've continued to introduce new tools and update our policies to help maintain a safe space for our community. For example, we've updated our Community Guidelines, which define a common code of conduct on the platform, to provide more clarity and enhance our safety policies, and we've introduced Family Pairing to bring parents more insight and control over their teen’s presence on TikTok.

Along with our peers in the market, we've thoroughly analyzed Turkey’s amended Internet Law No. 5651, which outlines several requirements for social media platforms, including the appointment of a local representative and guidelines for the management of content removal requests such as response turnaround times.

TikTok is a powerful platform that gives voice to diverse communities, and we remain focused on providing people in Turkey the opportunity to express themselves creatively through video, from sharing unique cooking skills to easy tutorials on drawing. We're also committed to respecting local laws in the markets in which we operate, even when we disagree with them. As such, we will comply with the requirements of the law – establishing a local legal entity and providing a local point of contact to the Government in Turkey as a next step to compliance – while we maintain our commitment to the freedom of expression that is fundamental to the creativity that thrives in our community.

We want to be clear that this does not impact TikTok's policies regarding content review nor change how we manage user data. We have strong existing processes when it comes to reviewing removal requests received from governments, and we assess these against local laws and our Community Guidelines. As transparency is a core principle of ours, we regularly disclose requests received in our Transparency Reports.

We're proud that TikTok has become home to millions of creators in Turkey. We look forward to continuing to provide an inclusive, diverse platform for creativity and expression as we work to support our vibrant local community of creators and partners.