TikTok is the destination for brands to authentically engage with the diverse, creative and hyper engaged community on TikTok. Every day, over 150 million Americans come to TikTok to learn something new, unleash their creativity, connect with a broader community and discover new trends.

The TikTok community is transforming the path to purchase in modern retail--changing how people discover, shop and buy. 1 in 3 people discover new products on TikTok from a video posted by a brand (1), and over 90% of users perform an action after seeing content on the platform (2); actions ranging from researching your brand and visiting your site, to purchasing a product or downloading your app.

To help brands continuously find success on TikTok, we’re bringing the marketing industry together for this year’s TikTok World to deep dive into our advertising solutions, best practices to enhance brands' experience on the platform, drive and measure results, and how to be discovered by the community. To support brands on their TikTok journey, we’re excited to launch a new TikTok World Hub and share best practices that will help brands embrace the creativity and authenticity of TikTok and unlock the full potential of their content and ads on TikTok.

"TikTok is entertainment that drives impact, and brands continue to find unmatched opportunities on our platform. Marketers have shifted from asking 'why' they should be on TikTok to wanting to know 'how' they can dive in. This is why we built the TikTok World Hub to empower marketers with the tools they need to drive full funnel business results all while building meaningful connections with the incredibly diverse TikTok community. We’re excited to showcase how we continue to build our products and solutions to meet the growing demand of our advertising partners as we strive to be the most secure platform for our community and marketers," states Sofia Hernandez, Global Head of Business Marketing, TikTok

The keys to unlock results on TikTok

Along with the TikTok World Hub, we are introducing TikTok Fundementals - an actionable framework for getting the most out of your advertising campaigns on TikTok. These cover practical tips for taking marketing campaigns to the next level, such as:

    • Fuel: Supply TikTok with the input it needs to deliver the best outputs for your campaign. This is the single most important factor in driving advertising success on TikTok.
    • Build: Create a baseline by starting simple and then build upon your campaigns. By reducing complexity, you can increase learning.
    • Automate: TikTok's automation tools maximize efficiency to ensure your campaigns work smarter and harder, simplify your workflow.

Following the TikTok Fundamentals allows advertisers to drive successful campaigns, draw insights about what works on the platform, and achieve performance at scale. These three steps are the throughline for any successful TikTok campaign, no matter your goal.

The TikTok World Hub also features four learning tracks--Branding, Commerce, Performance and Creative -- giving brands the tools to be successful, authentically connect and create, and become innovative storytellers. Each track features interactive videos with TikTok product leaders as well as one-pagers, video explainers and product roadmaps to help educate and inform brands on how to master TikTok advertising.

The Hub also breaks down our complete product suite and what products drive what parts of the marketing funnel. From creating TikTok first creative to fueling your first Video Shopping Ad and buying a brand suitable Pulse Premiere ad placement adjacent to one of our publishing partners, TikTok has a complete suite of advertising products for every aspect of the purchase journey.

"Our goal at TikTok is to continuously innovate to allow advertisers to connect and create more cultural moments with the TikTok community using our diverse set of advertising tools. We have seen how businesses have found success on the platform and we are designing our products to help them deliver results. It's now easier than ever to create, drive and scale TikTok first advertising campaigns, building a stronger connection with the TikTok community," states Ray Cao, Global Head of Product Strategy and Operations

TikTok has evolved into the preferred platform for nearly 5 million businesses seeking expansion, community, and success. We are continuously working to provide these brands with tools, resources, and products so they can succeed and grow.

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