This week, creators went head to head with the #BringItOn trend, layered up for fall, and put on a scary face in anticipation of Halloween. Plus, we flip over gymnast who's videos strike a balance between athletic and entertaining!

Top Video Trend of the Week

This week, the #BringItOn trend, set to Halsey's "Walls Could Talk," challenged the top of the food chain. Creators acted out differences of opinion from a variety of categories including school subjects, athletics, and self confidence.

Weekly Worth a Watch

  1. The life and times of a baby pumpkin.
  1. The ballad of dropped plastic cups.
  1. Uno the kitty goes costume shopping
  1. We didn't even know the end could be reached.
  1. Will Smith sends a paper ball on a tour de TikTok.

Featured Creator of the Week


Kailey Maurer started doing gymnastics in 2002 and never looked back. She's been a 4-time USA National Team member, a finalist at the 2014 World Championships in acrobatic gymnastics, and the proud owner of one of most athletic TikTok accounts out there. Watch as Kailey shows off her strength and balance in ways that push the limits of what's possible.