Tim Dessiant is a London based content creator who has a vibrant and unique style of fashion. As his childhood consisted of moving to different places with his family every year, Tim learned the fashion statements and styles of different cultures that helped him develop his own incredible fusion style that he has today. 

Combining his love for cinematic filmmaking and clothes, Tim has now become a leading figure in the world of TikTok fashion gurus with more than 800K followers flocking to his profile - @timdessiant - to spice up their wardrobe and learn simple fashion tips and tricks to make an outfit pop.

Tim shows off his signature minimalist style that is super chic, easy to wear and pretty cool through his videos on TikTok where, in this case, he styles stylish trouser and tee combos together. 

If your body shape is more on the skinny side, Tim also offers advice and ideas for those looking for a little inspiration on how to dress for your body shape! 

If you’ve watched enough of Tim’s videos to confidently show off your newly learned minimalist style, then it’s important to figure out how to pose so everyone can see your elevated looks! Here, Tim provides the best posing techniques that will have everyone looking at your new fit whilst you look super cool. 


You asked for it so here’s part 3 😊 A few of my go-to poses for photos 📸 ##poses ##posingtips ##phototips ##outfits ##learnontiktok

♬ All TikTok Mashup (JVKE - Upside Down) - JVKE 🌩

Always up to date and on trend, Tim provides fashion advice all year round, which is why Tim is one of the many diverse creators who have received support from the $70 million European TikTok Creator Fund designed to help talented TikTok-kers carve out a career on the platform. Tim’s advice is great news considering we had no idea what to wear during this sweltering heat! Tim has provided some incredible outfit ideas to wear when you feel like it’s too hot to wear anything!


Outfit ideas for those really hot days ☀️ Which one is your fav? ##outfits ##tiktokfashion ##styletips ##learnontiktok

♬ Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles

When you’re looking to go out in a simple white tee but want to make it ‘fashion’, then Tim has all the inspiration you need! Providing several different options for styling a white tee, you’ll be looking high fashion in no time!


How to style a basic white tee. How do you like to wear yours? 🙂 ##outfits ##styletips ##fashion ##tiktokfashion ##learnontiktok

♬ original sound - Tim Dessaint

We love to see our fashion inspo stars take part in our fashion challenges! Especially when they consist of showing off their styles in different countries. Watch how Tim shows how he changes up his style depending on what country he’s in. 


Fun fact: I was born in Paris and lived in Tokyo for 6 years. Comment for part 2 🙂 | Inspired by: @whatverowears | ##outfits ##fashion ##outfitideas

♬ How You Like That - BLACKPINK

Sometimes there is nothing better than vibing to Megan Thee Stallion, something Tim agrees with! Whether you’re feeling sassy… moody… or nasty, Tim has the perfect style for each mood.


Dressing according to Megan Thee Stallion | credit for the concept: @wisdm8 | ##outfits ##fashion ##style

♬ Savage - Megan Thee Stallion

From Tuesday 1 September, TikTok creators will be welcome to apply for the European TikTok fund that Tim is also a part of via the app, providing they meet some initial criteria.

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